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Write A 6 Page Paper Describing How You Would Develop And Proceed With An Evalua

In this Assignment you will work with a client of your choosing and apply the skills that have been studied throughout the course in evaluating, diagnosing and writing a treatment plan for your client. For your “client” in this Assignment you may choose from a movie or you may choose the client described below.

Movie Option

If you choose the movie option, any movie with a character that clearly depicts a substance use disorder is fine. It is recommended that you choose a movie which you have already seen so that you can ensure that it has enough data to diagnose and write a treatment plan for your client. Read the areas to be included first, and think through the movie to be sure that you can address each of the requested areas based on the information in the movie. Then watch the movie again, while taking careful notes regarding any factors that may indicate the client (movie character) may meet DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder. Watch for other indicators of a possible dual diagnosis. Please be sure to watch the entire movie even if you have seen it before as you will be looking for diagnostic indicators rather than viewing the movie only for entertainment purposes.

For the movie option, begin by providing a brief (one paragraph) description of your client and the main ideas of the movie. Please be sure to cite and reference the movie in APA format. Fully describe the evaluation process even though you already have the information that you would normally gather in an evaluation, via the movie.

Case Scenario Option

If you choose the provided case scenario, go through the case scenario information in the same way. Jot down notes of things that catch your attention as you read the case scenario. Use the notes for the evaluation part of your paper. These are likely the characteristics that well help determine whether or not the individual meets diagnostic criteria for a substance use disorder. They will also help guide the treatment planning process.

Client Scenario: Donovan

Assignment Guidelines

Using the information from the movie or case scenario, discuss the following regarding your client:

  • How would you intervene with your client?
  • What will you use to gather the information about your client (i.e., what screening and assessment tests would be most appropriate for this client and why).
  • Write a 6 page paper describing how you would develop and proceed with an evaluation of your client.
  • Be sure to include all portions of the assessment process and to carry the evaluation all the way through to the conclusion (diagnosis).
  • In your discussion of the diagnosis please list specific DSM-5 diagnostic criteria met by the client, along with the reason that the client meets each stated criterion.
  • Finally, based on the number of criteria met by the client identify the severity rating for the client’s diagnosis.

Following your diagnosis, develop a comprehensive treatment plan taking into account a continuity of care approach and including models of treatment studied up to this point in the course. Be sure to base your treatment recommendations on information from the assessment.

Your paper should be

  • in APA style
  • 12 point font
  • double-spaced

Grading Criteria to be followed



Lists all steps that would be used to gather data in order to diagnose the client, including interview(s), tests, etc,. along with an explanation of why the chosen measures are applicable to the client. 

Provides a diagnostic conclusion supported by identification of DSM-5 criteria met by the client and a related severity rating.

Develops a comprehensive treatment plan taking into account a continuity of care approach. Treatment recommendations are clearly tied to elements of the client scenario.

Includes models of treatment studied during the course in the treatment plan.



Paper includes a title page, introduction with thesis statement, conclusion, and in-text citations and reference page using APA style.

Paper is appropriate in length (body of the paper should be 6 pages, not including the title page or reference page).

Paper includes reference to the textbook or other scholarly source.


Paper uses Standard American English including correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and complete sentences and paragraphs.

Paper is free of typographical errors.

Paper includes a highly developed viewpoint and purpose.

Paper demonstrates superior organization; communication is highly ordered, logical and unified.

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