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Write A Coherent Clearly Organized Essay Of 1000 Words Or More 3 To 4 Pages

You cite scenes, speeches, quotes, and/or circumstances from the work to support or refute one of these theses: 1. In Flaubert’s ” A simple Heart,” Felicite is nothing more than a simple-minded peasant who does not even understand the concepts of love or religion, and thus lives an empty, meaningless life. 2. In Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler, Hedda is a victim of her society, trapped in a social situation she cannot control, and her anti-social behavior is simply the only way left for her exert some control over her life. 3. In Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, Marlow admires Kurtz and wishes he could live his life more like Kurtz lives his. 

You may recount episodes from the work as evidence to prove a point, but do not fall into the trap of simply retelling the plot from start to finish. You are not use outside resources in the paper(no research). I want the paper to be solely your own ideas, supported only by evidence from the work itself. No in-text citations or any kind, nor a works cited page, is necessary. The paper should be typed , double-spaced, no notes or bibliography.

The paper will be graded equally on the following criteria: A) How well written and organized it is, and B) How well you understand the work under discussion and use the work to support your ideas.

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