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Write A Response Of 150 200 Words To One Of The Topics Listed Below

1. Art as Political Propaganda: Napoleon frequently commissioned works of art to promote his public image and gain support for his leadership. Describe the visual devices Gros used in the painting Napoleon Visiting the Plague Victims at Jaffa (Figure 29.2) to cast Napoleon in the role of hero. In your opinion, is this piece successful as political propaganda? Why or why not?

2. Romanticism in the East: Romantic era architects took  some cues and inspiration from the “exotic” East. Give examples of “Romantic” architecture and describe what aspects of the buildings reflect eastern influences. What other aspects of the architecture of the time demonstrate the “Romantic” style? Explain why/how these aspects reflect the ideas of Western Romanticism.

3. The Romantic Imagination: Some say that ballet was the ultimate expression of the Romantic imagination. Others would argue that grand opera more fully captures that Romantic imagination. What did the Romantic imagination encompass? Which one captured it best?

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