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Write A Summary Including The Following Details Concerning The Article That Is A

Article- Bribes Without Jail Time – Wal-Mart 1.docx

* In a minimum of 5 paragraphs write a summary in your wordsof the entire article. In 3 paragraphs state your opinion concerning whetherthe law, regulation or legal theory should even apply to business versuswhether the nature of the free market provides sufficient means to encouragethe business to conduct itself legally or ethically.

* Newspaper’s name, the article’s headline, the date ofpublication, and a link to the article (which I have provided the article.)

* Identify the company that violated or is alleged to haveviolated a specific law, regulation or legal theory.

*Identify the nature of the company’s business as describedin the article (Use: “Wal-Mart is the world’s largest retailer”)

*Identify by name or describe the law, regulation or legaltheory the company violated or is alleged to have violated.

* Identify the consequences imposed on the company forviolation of the law, regulation or legal theory or the consequences that couldbe imposed on the company in the event it is found responsible for violatingthe law, regulation or legal theory.

* Identify the public policy objective the law, regulationor legal theory is designed to achieve.

* Please site all sources

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