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Writiing Need Help Please 12

WastefulSpending week 3 discussion 2

Identify costs which illustrate wasteful spending from either your personalbudget or your organizations budget.  Articulate why these costs werenever eliminated.

  Our discussion first then the individualsresponse list references tell the bad and good of post thanks

Wasteful spending is a very commonthing to happen within a workplace.  It happens within companies andgovernments.  I have seen it first hand with the city that I work for(which shall remain nameless).  One example I will use is a sidewalkproject that was built on the beach.  And when I say on the beach, I meandirectly on the beach.  When the sidewalk was initially built, thesidewalk was poured directly on the sand, with no type of foundation under theconcrete.  After a year or so, with all the rain water built up on acertain area of the sidewalk, the sidewalk started to crack and break apart. The sidewalk was re-done over the last summer.  Thousands of dollarswasted.
Wasteful spending can also involve one’s family.  A family member isspending money irresponsibly on items that are not needed or items that are notgoing to benefit the family, and ends up taking away from the actual needs ofthe family.  
Mismanagement of a budget is a form of wasteful spending as well.  If thecity is spending all of its money on beautification projects, while the policedepartment is in desperate need of new vehicles, along with an already lowsalary,that wasteful spending is affecting the police department.  Notonly of their job performance due to the declining and outdated equipment, butit also effects the morale which in return effects the people in which theyserve.
I honestly do no see these costs being eliminated in the future unless there isa shift in government, such as new city leaders being elected.  Otherpeople should be solicited for input before costs are eliminated to ensure thecorrect costs are being eliminated.  if the wrong costs are eliminated, itcould greatly effect the city and or agency in the long run.

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