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did you get this one


Instructor wrote

These scenario is one where we could really approach using both old school techniques and new ones as well.   We both could go on and on with a list of what we might be able to do with this example.  One thing I have found frustrating is how long it might take us to identify if we do have a series occurring in our area.  I know here in San Diego we have numerous sub stations and oftentimes, the lack of communicating (intentionally or not), can cause us to be unaware of other cases, which might let us actually solve the series.  For those in the class whom are not aware of what constitutes a series, can you provide us guidelines please?

We have what we call Investigative Supplementals where the assigned Detectives can list their case, possible suspect info etc., and have that information published in the Supp’s.  These are produced daily and disseminated throughout our entire Department.  The issue is when our officers/Detective’s don’t’ take the time to read them.  

Do you have any other recommendations as to how we might go about identifying we actually do have a series going on is usually another follow up question I ask but you beat me to it by adding the suggestion of the geographic grid is great.  We are lucky enough to have crime analysts on board to help us plot and link based on certain criteria.  As a L/E Manager, it is imperative we know our resources so we might kindly suggest to others another route to look at

just need to anser all questions list references

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