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InvestigatingComputer Crimes

Week 4 discussion 2
Chapter 16 of your text discusses computer crimes and the challenges theypresent to investigators.  Provide a couple of examples of computer crimesand explain how they differ from traditional crimes.  Describe the uniquechallenges computer crimes present to investigators.  Your discussion ofchallenges should include identifying and investigating the crime as well asseizing evidence.  You should also address relevant constitutionalissues.  Lastly, discuss ways in which computer crimes, and the investigationof such, might impact law enforcement policy. Orison

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Hacking is the biggest computercrime out there and the one that cost the most for the victim. In computerhacking of a bank account or someone’s credit cards there is often not a papertrail for the investigator to follow which will make investigating the crimedifficult for a street officer. The next computer crime is the internet luringof children  While it seem straight forward that you just look at the nameon the computer screen we all know the internet is a complicated place wherethings are not as they seem. As with the hacking there is no paper trail andthe information available to the street officer is probably fake. Toinvestigate computer crimes you need more than a basic understanding of howcomputers work and some specialized training on navigating the internet. Once the suspect computer has been identified then comes the issue of locatingits location and then contacting the jurisdiction there. Next comes thegathering of the needed information for a warrant to seize the computer andsearch its hard drive and history to gather needed evidence. Now common sensesays just get a hacker on or side and break into their computer but that wouldbe an invasion of privacy and would make any evidence fruit of the poisonoustree. When it comes down to our policies they are in an ever changing statewith advances and changes in technology. As technology advances we are in agame of catch up and learn by trial and error in investigation of the crimesand what we as LEOs can do legally.

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