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Collective Bargaining week 3 discussion 2

As collective bargainingregarding public employees pay, benefits, and pension obligationsagreements have become a significant issue across the United States,complete a comparison of the three models of collective bargaining. In youranalysis, identify which model(s) are more advantageous to either labor ormanagement and why. How does the reduction of employee rights in severalstates affect law enforcement? What impact does the inability to strikehave on the collective bargaining process?

James answered : The threemodels for collective bargaining are the national level, industry level,and the company or plant level. The most important of the three isthe national level when it comes to collective bargaining. Ibelieve that this level is the most important because it deals with allemployees. The company level can be very important if you are dealing witha certain group of workers at a certain business. The industry level can beimportant as well because it deals with the national, regional, and locallevels of workers. All three in their own right can be very important incollective bargaining. Reducing any workers rights are bad for anyoneinvolved. In law enforcement this is particularly true. As a lawenforcement officer we have to deal with things that nobody elsein could even begin to imagine. I believe that we should be the oneswith the most rights. I feel as though taking our employee rights from usputs us at a disadvantage. You have to be continuously worrying if you messone small thing up what will happen to not only your job, butyour life. I feel as though that law enforcement officers should have thesame employee rights if not more rights than everyone else. We put ourlives on the line each and everyday to protect and serve the public.The same also goes for our firefighters. The inability to strikereally gives the companies a leg up on the collective bargaining process.If we are not happy with working conditions or pay raises then we should beable to have the ability to strike. A strike gives the workers anopportunity to put pressure on the companies to get something done about asituation in a timely manner

Ourdiscussion first then the individuals answer list reference,  tell the bad and good of individuals postthanks

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