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Interest-BasedProblem Solving Method

Instructorwrote: In looking at this process, do you feel the process Interest-Based Problem SolvingMethod takes longer than having the two sides sit down across the table and”hammer things out?”? What problems do you see, if any, exist withthe Interest-Based Problem-Solving method in addressing labor negotiations

There will always be conflict in our lives. When both sideshave a problem reaching a agreement negotiation is best. Negotiation is when there is a disagreement and thetwo people need to deliberate with others in order to come to a agreement.

Whether it be the Interest-Based Problem Solving Method, or roundtable all sides want to reach a agreement. I feel it depends on the situation asto what method will work best, and environment as to how long it will take toreach a agreement. Also depends on the negotiator.

Negotiations begin involving bothparties, if it is to be successful, bothparties to the negotiation must feel that the outcome was the best that theycould have achieved and that it is worth supporting (Lewicki and Litterer1994). If a party feels cheated, they may not honor it, or they may try in someother way to recoup their perceived lost value (Kennedy, n.d.,  p.3).

Each method has there ups and downs. The traditional method seeks to discover the motivationsbehind each party’s position. The interestbased problem solving method the discussion enables an argument about the prosand cons of a proposed solution. Each side of the solution is argued and thereare winners, and also losers, With this method there is a problem that needssolving, and everyone has a right to their opinion. The solution often appearssimple when issues and values are not involved (Gray, p.5).

If you are sitting at a table ready to hammer things out itis best to know who is sitting at the table. You also need a skillednegotiator. All sides need to be in a positive mood in order to reach aagreement. If you are negative then no matter the outcome your anger will cloudyour judgement, and anyone else at the table. When people know they will loseout they will try harder to win. Make plenty of eye contact so the people youare trying to negotiate with so they know you have nothing to hide. You need tobe patient. You also need to confront the issue at hand.


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