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Orison: week 5 discussion 2

Pay, Benefits, Pension Programs, and Effective Recruitment

In light of recent political andpublic fallout regarding labor unions, discuss the actual and potential effectson police pay, benefits, and pension programs within a selected state of yourchoice. Additionally, explain two (2) current factors affecting recruitment,hiring, or retention and describe how these evolving issues will impactrecruitment and hiring.

Thesedays in our society where health insurance is required and you are punished fornot having any even if you cannot afford the required insurance the governmentsays you have to have; we are all struggling to survive. Here in Colorado thevoters thought it a good idea to legalize marijuana so the state taxed thesales. As we all know those dealers who were illegally selling weed beforejumped at the chance to pay taxes now. The revenue from the legal shops ishelping in training and surprisingly in the areas where it is allowed to besold helping with paying the salaries of public employees. So for some agenciesthe budget is no longer so tight they are choking but can breathe easy. 

Whenit comes to recruitment for law enforcement the schedule and pay have alwaysbeen issues. Most police departments cover their jurisdiction 24 hours a dayseven days a week. This means someone has to work the undesirable shifts whichoften fall to the new guy. The next issue is that we do not get paid enough totake the crap that we do on a daily basis.  The cold hard fact is thatnone of us become cops to get rich because we never will. These two issues combineto make retention a issue as well. Burn out and stress make this a very hardjob to turn into a lifelong career.

Our discussion Is first then then individuals answer listreferences and tell the bad and good of post it needs to be good thanks

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