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WastefulSpending law enforcment

Identify costs which illustrate wastefulspending from either your personal budget or your organizations budget. Articulate why these costs were never eliminated.What benefit do these costshave in the daily operation or your daily life or workplace?  Do you seethese costs being eliminated in the future? Why or why not?  Should otherpeople be solicited for input before the costs are eliminated? How do youquantify your decision as a good one?

According to the Tax Policy Center Without action from the President and Congress, the Tax PolicyCenter estimates middle class families will pay roughly $2,000 in additionaltaxes per year.  This is a significant blow to our already weak economicrecovery. Think about this Approved $6,200 for Michigan officials to purchasesno-cone machines the recipients claimed would attract volunteers to communityevents and could fill ice packs in an emergency according to Senator Tom Coburn(R-OK).

But, yetaccording Tom Coburn (R-OK) Homeland Security wastes a lot of money accordingto a report on wasteful spending from Tom Coburn (R-OK). Keep this in mindHomeland Security spent over $35 billion on grants since 2003.  While someof the grants undoubtedly have value, the Federal Government should not beusing tax dollars and adding to the $16 trillion national debt to buy sno-conemachines. 

In Lowellduring police department sting they had caught three local establishments thatsold alcohol to minors. These three establishments were brought up on chargesduring a meeting of the city License Commission. None of the establishments hada prior record so it as voted to place the complaints on file, thus no course ofaction was taken. The person in charge of its case is the Capt. Jonathan Woodwho is also the department’s top detective. There were to detectives Callahan,and Desilets. While Golner, the head of the special Investigations unit. Allthree collected to plus two hours overtime to appear at the hearing of whichthey did not participate. For showing up Golner earned $296.07 andCallahan $219.22. Union contracts also allow members to take comp time, whichis precisely what Webb and Desilets did. Some thought it a scam so the officers couldget more money. But according to police Deputy Police Supt. Ryan Jr, Often times the commission willwant to cross examine someone other than those involved in the case. Ryan alsosaid there was no way around it. Politics are another reason PoliceSuperintendent Kenneth Lavallee, who wants to be known as the law-and-orderpolice chief, went on record several months back criticizing the commission forbeing too lenient with establishments that violate liquor laws (Scott, 2012).

Wasteful spending of moneyoccurs when one uses and disposes off money without proper use and cannotaccount on how he spent the money. No benefits can be realized from the moneyspent since much has been directed on unimportant things.  Example of wasteful spending can beidentified in a health organization where much money is budgeted and at timesthe money is not well spent. This is caused by purchases of some redundantmedicine which is rarely used and other forms of tests that are conducted butare inappropriate. Other costs incurred in a personal level include obesity inthat the person could have foregone the costs he incurs in the hospital couldhe have led the right lifestyle and eating habits to avoid being obese.

  Some wasteful costs are hard to avoidor eliminate since they are included in our basic lives. In the case of ahealth organization the redundant medicine and tests carried out both incurcosts but are mainly meant to be for protective measures in times of need andthe tests being carried is mainly for education purposes in case of such asituation taking place thereby making the costs unavoidable (Bell, et al.2006). Some of these costs have benefits in that they are used in that they arehelpful in case of cyclical budgeting and they could help managers to avoidsuch mistakes in future and therefore a cost benefit analysis should beconducted to avoid these costs.


Costs incurred in wastefulspending should be eliminated since they do not have any benefits at individualor organizational level. Much of these costs attribute to the failure of aneffective business. These costs could be eliminated using a cost benefitanalysis in future so as to make sure each cost is well accounted for and the returns can be clearly seen. Otherpeople in the organization should be solicited since a cost could be termed asa wasteful cost yet from another point of view it could be benefiting thereforea cost should only be done with if most people agree it’s wasteful. Thisdecision would be benefiting since it would help in identifying the costs thatare really wasteful and those that seem wasteful but have some benefits inreturn.


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