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ConsolidatedPolice Departments week 1 discussion 2

Your county sheriff has recently come out publicly in favor of consolidatingall police agencies in your county. Having caught your new police chiefoff-guard, your police chief asks you – the agency’s director of research,planning, and analysis – to explain in a memorandum all that would be involvedin creating and maintaining a single county-wide agency, to include advantagesand disadvantages of doing so. Create amemorandum mainly stating the advantages and disadvantages of thisconsolidation for employees, the community, and the effectiveness of policing.At the end, you will need to make a recommendation to your police chief as towhether this is a good idea or not, and why, stating reasons from yourmemorandum. You should format your discussion as if you were writing an actualmemo.  
Your initial post should be at least 250 words in length. Support your claimswith examples from required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, andproperly cite any references.

To: Chief Police


RE: Consolidating PoliceAgencies

DATE: June 24, 2015


The  Sheriff has recently come out publicly infavor of consolidating all police agencies in the  country. Is it justified to carry out theprocess? If  so, what  would be  involved  in creating and  maintaining a single  country wide agency. What  are  benefits as well as the disadvantages of  having  a single  country  wide agency in the  police  departments.

Short answer

No,the  consolidating  of the police agencies  into  a single countrywide  agency  is not  justified since  it would  reduce  the effectiveness of the  police  departments considering  that  the police  carry out  a very  critical  role in any  country.

The  main advantages  of consolidating  the  police agencies  is that  there will be a  reduction in  cost. This is  because  the process  of  consolidation reduces office  cost as it does  not  emphasize on more  specialists and departmental  machines. Another advantage  is that consolidation leads to uniformity in action throughout  the  organization because of  central administrative  control.There  is  also improved  quality  of work due  to standardizedprocedure, better supervision as well as the use  of  improved machinery. Some of the disadvantages that are likely  tooccur  as a result  of consolidating police agencies  are  as follows:Delay in work-Consolidation will create loss of man hours  and delay  in performance  of work  because of  transmission of  records from and  to the  central  control room. Quick decision is not possibleand this also results to delay in office work. Another  disadvantage is that  better supervision  becomes  impossible as all the  police  executives are under  pressure of work. Absence of better control and supervision leads to slacknessinwork (Emig, Kravitz,& National Institute of Justice 1980).


Based  on the above  facts  I would  recommend  that the police  agencies should not  centralized since  the  consolidation while  bring more  problems than  benefits in the  police department. From  the  discussion above  we also find that the  disadvantages  will have  more  impact than the  benefits.


Emig, M. N., Kravitz, M.,& National Institute of Justice (U.S.). (1980). Police consolidation: A   selected bibliography. Washington,D.C: U.S. Dept. of Justice, National Institute of   Justice.

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