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(Ma) Border Security week 5 Discussion 1

An estimated 11.5 million illegal immigrants are now in the United States,according to the Pew Hispanic Center—the lowest number in a decade, and stilldeclining. From 2000 to 2005, an average of 800,000 illegal immigrants enteredthe United States each year. But since then, an average of 500,000 has arrivedannually.

Visit the CBPBorder Security Spotlight and then briefly analyze the current securityinitiatives that are being used to protect our borders. What are some of thereasons why illegal immigration is currently declining in the U.S.? Whatapproaches are some state and local units of government taking to attempt tofurther reduce the number of aliens who are living and working in theirjurisdictions?

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According to US Customs andBorder Protection, (n.d.), the Primary mission of the Border Patrol is toprotect our Nation by reducing the likelihood that dangerous people and capabilitiesenter the United Statesbetween the ports of entry. This is accomplished bymaintaining surveillance, following up leads, responding to electronic sensoralarms and air craft sightings, and interpreting and following tracks. Themajor activities include maintaining traffic checkpoints along highways leadingfrom border areas, conducting city patrol and transportation check and antismuggling investigations (US Customs and Border Protection, n.d.). BorderPatrol utilizes various technology and equipment methods to accomplish theirmission. US Customs and Border Protection, (n.d.). Video monitors and nightvision scopes are also used to detect illegal entries. Agents patrol the borderin vehicles, boats, and afoot. In some areas, the Border Patrol even employshorses, all-terrain motorcycles, bicycles, and snowmobiles.

The first reason for thedecline is was due to the employment of the fence and increased patrolling andenforcement. In addition, the Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)office of the Department of Homeland Security has been increasingly raiding U.Sbusinnesses that employ illegal immigrants (Peak, K. J. 2012). The decreaserate of jobs were also a huge reason in decrease number of immigrants enteringthe US.

Some approaches that stateand local governments are taking to reduce further number of aliens includes:the fight in making the right of all renters show proof of citizenship. Anotherapproach was the laws passed in 2008 clamping down on illegal immigrants andtheir employers.

US Customs and BorderProtection, (n.d.). Border Patrol Overview.

Retreived from http://www.cbp.gov/border-security/along-us-borders/overview.

Peak, K. J. (2012). PolicingAmerica: Challenges and Best Practices. Vitalsource eBook for AshfordUniversity, 7th Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions.

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