What is the CARES Act and PPP? (just a brief intro and summary for this)

Who are the lenders? This is where the detail begins. Who are the lenders, to whom are they
lending, any breakdown by state, volume, loan size, etc.

For your sources:List of journal articles – Business Press, financial press, banking, fintech area papers, Fed Reserve articles, etc. No Wikipedia, Investopedia, and other non-corroborated websites.

Need comprehensive list of references, data sources, web addresses, etc.This is a new topic, so many of your sources will be web based. That is fine, but I do not want Wikipedia, investopedia, and the like in the references. They have to be reputable news sources, trade journal articles, business press articles, commercial bank papers, federal reserve papers, etc. In particular, I want you to investigate and tell me where we can find data such as the names of the lenders, borrowers, amounts, etc. The SBA would be one good place to start for looking at this

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