A 3 Year Organizational Systems Management Plan Incorporating Current Trends Computer Science Homework Help

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Networking Virtual Organization, or, an organization you are familiar with that you can research to discover the cabling, network equipment and structure

  • Strategic goals that the 3-year plan must support or align to 
  • An ability for the organization to upgrade its network transmission speed or bandwidth during the 3-year plan and beyond 
  • Change management plan 
  • Replacement schedule for networking and computing devices 
  • Configuration management processes 
  • Network and application software upgrades and replacement 
  • Contingency planning when unforeseen future hardware, software, and networking technology or processes that may be disruptive must be procured for the organization to remain competitive 
  • Upgrades to network and application security, if appropriate, to include any missing network devices that provide security over several layers of the OSI model 
  • Upgrades to wireless technology if appropriate 
  • Upgrades or procurement of specific network components that will enhance transmission speed, accuracy, or availability, based on an analysis of the network
  • Priority list of the items that must be procured or require funding so that the budget execution authority can cost and plan for procurement
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