A Culture Of Their Own History Homework Help

While all the colonists living in the English colonies were subjects of the British crown, not all were culturally English.

The mixture of people from many different backgrounds not only resulted in distinct political ideologies and social customs but was also in foodways, decorative arts, furniture, etc.  These distinctions continue to this day – Americans eat cookies [courtesy of the Dutch] while the English eat biscuits.

America became a culturally distinct place from England during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This was partially due to environment, but a large part of this was due to the assimilation of so many different cultures, the so-called “melting pot” phenomenon. Using specific information from your readings and the websites discuss the ways that the meeting of different cultures shaped Americans’ experience. Were these differences embraced or resisted?

Discuss how you think the image of America as a “melting pot” continues to affect us today. Is it an accurate description?

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