A Qualitative Research Plan Qualitative Inquiry Research Design Choosing Among The Five Approaches

 A Qualitative Research Plan

In this Application, you willbegin to work on your Qualitative Research Plan, which is your Final Projectfor this course and will be due in Week 11. You will start bydetermining the research problem, purpose, and questions for your researchplan.

To prepare for thisApplication:

· Review the following readingsfor this week:


o  Chapter 6 in Qualitative Inquiry & Research Design:Choosing Among the Five Approaches

o  Chapter 4 in Qualitative Research Design: An InteractiveApproach

o  Pages 25–28 of Chapter 2 in Qualitative Data Analysis: AMethods Source book

o  “Final Project: Developing a Qualitative Research Plan”handout

· Formulate a research problem,purpose, and questions for the Final Project for this course. How would youdefend your choices?

The assignment:

· In a 1- to 2-page paper,formulate a research problem, purpose, and questions for the Final Project forthis course and defend your choices.( Attemptingto find out the effects of bundle pay system on healthcare providers in regardsto service and quality on post care patients.)


Note: Based on the feedback you receive on this assignment, you mayneed to change your topic or research focus and direction as needed.

Required Resources

This page contains the LearningResources for this week. Be sure to scroll down the page to see all of thisweek’s assigned Learning Resources. To access select media resources, pleaseuse the media player below.

· CourseText: Maxwell, J. A. (2005). AppliedSocial Research Methods Series: Vol. 41. Qualitative research design: Aninteractive approach (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.


o  Chapter 1, “A Model for Qualitative Research Design”

o  Chapter 2, “Goals: Why Are You Doing This Study?”

o  Chapter 4, “Research Questions: What Do You Want toUnderstand?”
Chapter 1 gives an introductionand provides a model for qualitative research design. Chapter 2 explains thepersonal, practical, and intellectual goals that qualitative research can helpyou achieve. Chapter 4 describes the function of research questions and otherkinds of questions, including generic, particularistic, instrumentalist,realist, variance, and process questions.

· CourseText: Miles, M. B., Huberman,A. M., & Saldana, J.(2014). Qualitative data analysis: A Methodssourcebook (3rd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

o  Chapter 1, “Introduction 3-16”

o  Chapter 2, “Research Design and Management,” pp. 25–2 8
Chapter 1 provides an overviewof qualitative research, including varieties and recurring features ofqualitative research, and describes three approaches to analyzing qualitativedata. The excerpt from Chapter 2 outlines the process of formulating researchquestions.

· CourseText: Creswell, J. W. (2007). Qualitativeinquiry & research design: Choosing among five approaches (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.


o  Chapter 4, “Five Qualitative Approaches to Inquiry”

o  Chapter 6, “Introducing and Focusing the Study”

In Chapter 4, you will learn about and compare the five qualitative approachesto inquiry: narrative research, phenomenological research, grounded theoryresearch, ethnographic research, and case study research. In Chapter 6, youwill learn how to introduce and focus your research study by stating theresearch problem, the purpose statement, and the research questions.

· CourseText:Patton, M. Q. (2015). Qualitative research &evaluation methods (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: SagePublications. 

o  Chapter 2, “Strategic Themes in Qualitative Inquiry”
This chapter describes severaldesign strategies and analysis strategies in qualitative inquiry.

· Handouts


o  Final Project: Developing a Qualitative Research Plan (Worddocument)

This handout will guide you in completing your Final Project for this course,in which you will develop a qualitative research plan. The Final Project is duein Week 11.

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