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AcquisitionPlanning Questions

  1. Market Research & Commercial Item Use – 3 points total

    a. FAR Part 10 requires agencies to use marketresearch results to identify whether a commercial item exists to meet agencyneeds. According to FAR Part 10, if no such commercial item exists, what stepsmust the agency next take to meet its requirements? (1 point)

    b. According to the CommercialityDetermination Report written for the BSVD program, the required biosensor isnot readily available in the commercial marketplace. Analyze the report andidentify four areas where either the market research does not adequatelyaddress the requirements of FAR Part 10 or the thoroughness of documentation islacking to support its conclusions. (1/2 point for each identified area withsupporting rationale – total of 2 points)

  2. Competition – 2 points total

    FAR Part 6

If your agency decides to limitcompetition for the BSVD contract, which FAR Subpart 6.3 exception is bestjustified in relation to the facts presented? Provide rationale for yourresponse to include addressing any unique requirements contained in the FAR Subpart6.3 exceptions. (2 points)

  1. Undefinitized Contract Actions (UCAs)– 4 points total

    DFARS Subpart 217.74

    Inanalyzing your alternatives to get this requirement on contract rapidly andresponsibly, you are now considering using a letter contract – a type ofundefinitized contract action (UCA). Under a UCA, the contractor starts workbefore all contract terms, specifications, or prices are agreed upon.

    Identifyand explain four risks that are introduced into a program by use of aUCA. For each identified risk, what limitation in DFARS 217.7404 could be usedto mitigate that risk? Explain. (1/2 point for each identified risk withsupporting rationale and ½ point each for identifying and explaining how theapplicable DFARS 217.7404 limitation mitigates that risk – total of 4 points)









  1. Contract Type – 6 points total

    FARPart 16

    a. Cost, schedule (delivery), and technical(performance) risks are typically the major risks to successful execution of aGovernment contract. Describe how each of these three risks could impactexecution of a BSVD program development contract. Provide specific BSVD programdetails in your response. (1 point for each risk description – total 3points)

    Cost risk: 

    Schedule/delivery risk :

    Technical/performance risk: 

    b. Which one FAR Part 16 contract type (e.g.,firm fixed price, cost plus fixed fee, etc.) and, if applicable, contractincentive(s) – (i.e., delivery incentive, performance incentive, multipleincentive) best mitigates the risks to the BSVD program you identified above?Provide rationale for your response (3 points)


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