Acquisition Planning Under A UCA Assignment Help

a. FAR Part 10 requires agencies to use marketresearch results to identify whether a commercial item exists to meet agencyneeds. According to FAR Part 10, if no such commercial item exists, what stepsmust the agency next take to meet its requirements?

b.   Accordingto the Commerciality Determination Report written for the BSVD program, therequired biosensor is not readily available in the commercial marketplace.Analyze the report and identify four areas where either the market researchdoes not adequately address the requirements of FAR Part 10 or the thoroughnessof documentation is lacking to support its conclusions. (1 point for eachidentified area with supporting rationale)

c. If your agency decides to limit competition for the BSVDcontract, which FAR Subpart 6.3 exception is best justified in relation to thefacts presented? Provide rationale for your response to include addressing anyunique requirements contained in the FAR Subpart 6.3 exceptions.


DFARS Subpart 217.74

In analyzing your alternatives to get this requirement oncontract rapidly and responsibly, you are now considering using a lettercontract – a type of undefinitized contract action (UCA). Under a UCA, thecontractor starts work before all contract terms, specifications, or prices areagreed upon.

Identify and explain four risks that are introduced into aprogram by use of a UCA. For each identified risk, what limitation in DFARS217.7404 could be used to mitigate that risk? (2 points for each identified riskwith supporting rationale –

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