Advanced Taxation Accounting Homework Help


(a)  Distinguishbetween the tax treatment of rent income on resident and non-residentindividuals.

  (  4 marks)

(b)  Withreference to the Customs and Excise Act (Cap.472), write short notes on thefollowing:

  (i)  Import declaration form.  (  4 marks)

  (ii)  Clean report of findings.  (  2 marks)

  (iii)  Four categories of goods liable toforfeiture to the Customs Department.(  4 marks)

  (iv)  Four privileged persons or institutionsexempted from pre-shipment inspection of imports.

  (  4 marks)

(c)  Identifyand briefly explain the operation of any two instruments of fiscal policy.  (  4marks)

  (Total:20 marks)

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