Anatomy And Physiology 202 Tentative Diagnosis And Suggested Treatment Biology Help


Each essay (case study) should be limited to 1 page at maximum.

Cite every source properly, this means in line and on a citation page.

Start each essay on a new page, and state which case study it is.

12pt font, and double spaced.


Case Study I: A man of Mediterranean ancestry goes to his doctor with the following symptoms. He is very tired all of the time. He has difficulty catching his breath after even mild exercise. His doctor orders the following tests: CBC, hematocrit, differential WBC count. The tests show immature erythrocytes, fragile erythrocytes, and less than 2 million RBCs per cubic millimeter. What would be a tentative diagnosis and suggested treatment?

Case Study II: Mrs. James appeared at the clinic complaining of extreme nervousness and sweating, saying that she could feel and hear her heart thumping when she tried to sleep at night. She was found to have a severely elevated and fluctuating blood pressure. Although laboratory testing revealed hyperglycemia and increased basal metabolic rate, tests of thyroid function were normal. What is your diagnosis? What treatment should be used?

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