Android Mobile Application Developer For John Kay Computer Science Help

You work as an Android mobile application developer for John Kay who owns Steppenwolf Incorporated (SI).  John is concerned about unauthorized access to data contained in his mobile applications by processes running in other applications.  He heard that a solution to this access problem can be solved by something called a “content provider”.  John asks you to write a memo to him about content providers and how they can solve this data access problem.


  1. You shall write a well-written memo to Mr. Kay that provides a solution to the data access problem using content providers.
  2. The memo shall provide an overview of content providers.
  3. Any terms or acronyms that the reader may not know shall be explained in the memo before used.
  4. The memo shall be 350 to 450 words.
  5. Your memo shall include properly-cited research information from at least two sources.
  6. Properly-used and cited diagrams that illustrate points made in your memo shall offset point deductions.

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