Argue For Or Against The Argument That Employee Benefits Are Seen By Employees As An Entitlement Management Assignment Homework Help

1.  Argue for or against the argument that employee benefits are seen by employees as an entitlement for their membership in companies. Support your position.

2.  Analyze the components of designing and planning a benefits program to predict what additional issues will need to come into consideration over the next 10 to 20 years. Provide your rationale.

3.  From the case study in Chapter 11, argue for or against the hiring of part-time workers based on the issues surrounding providing part-time workers with benefits.

4.  Assuming that the firm should offer benefits to part-time workers, recommend which benefits should be offered. Provide your rationale.

Please respond to the following:

5.  What training would you suggest for an employee who has been assigned to the Middle East on a new project?  Do not select the same training as another student.  

6.  Share a current event article with the class that relates to the concepts covered in this week’s reading. Write a brief summary, and explain why you felt the article was relevant.  (Concepts covered this week: Developing Leadership in Global Organizations, Employment and Employees in the Middle East)

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