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In the case of the assault and battery of the82 year old elderly woman, Stephan Robinson was simply described as a29 year old male from Milwaukee. His race was not disclosed and the mediadid not report him to be a vicious attacker or a thug. As typically expressedof a person who is of minority decent. The report seemed to suggest thatRobinson willfully gave himself up to the police without a “hostile takedown” needed to take place. The media reports did not even mention theneighborhood the crime occurred. Whether it was a rural, suburban or urbanneighborhood.  Readers and viewers of the media such as myself are leftwondering and guessing how this crime could have occurred.  The reportdoes state how the elderly woman refused to seek medical attention and it tookthe authorities over 90 minutes to respond to her. The police reports statethat ” Robinson performed oral sex on the woman before attempting othersex acts, and that he stopped when she began yelling for God’ ( 2015). Robinson then reported to police that he ran to a nearbygas station and called for a friend to pick him up. The perception of thespecial population in the news story suggest that the 82 year old was resistantto getting help and appeared to be uncooperative. This would lead persons tobelieve that elderly female victims are uncooperative and stubborn. “Thegoal of the justice system are often contradictory and there is no clearstandard of fairness’ (C.L & Jones L.C 2009). When it comes to the media,they especially play a role on the basis that individuals have towards thejudicial system and y some persons may not believe in it.

StephanRobinson faces a maximum of 3 years of imprisonment for assaulting a woman overthe age of 62. “The problem is not with difference per se, thedifficulty arises in the meaning we make out of difference” (C.L &Jones L,C 2009) It clearly evident that rules change across the board andnot all convictions are created equal. 

Respond to the bold paragraph ABOVE by using one of the option below… in APA format with At least two reference…..

· Offer and support the opinion fromhaving read your colleagues’ postings.

· Expand on your colleagues’ postings.

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