Assessing Cultural Competence Health And Medicine Homework Help

Health care leaders, managers, and administrators are challenged with ever-changing demographics (multicultural population) and the need to create a culturally competent organization. Yet, no organization can command unlimited resources to address every issue. One way to effectively allocate the resources available is to focus on the issues that are most pressing for the particular health care organization involved.

Assessments provide objective data for arriving at that focus. By using assessments, managers gain a basis for developing a strategic direction, including both near-term and longer term objectives. The initial use of assessment tools also provides a baseline that makes efforts toward improvement measurable. As a result, these assessment tools help the organization and individuals grow toward cultural competence.

Address the following in your initial post:

  • From the course and current unit readings, describe two influences on health behaviors (such as culture or spirituality).
  • Next, select one of the models for assessing cultural competence, and describe the important aspects of the model. Identify how the model will help you, a health care leader, assess the workforce and plan for change.

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