Assessments To Measure Or Evaluate Creative Processes Is A Contentious Issue Creative Arts Lesson 7 Discussion

The use of assessments to measure or evaluate creative processes is acontentious issue. Take the side of someone who supports the use ofassessments to measure creative processes and products, and defend whyyou think assessments are useful.  Provide an example of one type ofassessment you would bring into your classroom.  Briefly describe thepurpose of the assessment, and the approaches you will use to examine achild’s skills or knowledge. Make sure you reference the book in youranswer.

Textbook reference:

Isenberg, J. P. & Jalongo, M. R. (2010). Creative Thinking andArts-Based Learning Preschool through Fourth Grade (5th Ed.). Upper SaddleRiver, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.

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