Assigning Charges To Atoms 1 2 Sentences Chemistry Homework Help

*along with correct answer, provide 1-2 sentence why answer is correct. 

1. The compound methylamine, CH3NH2, contains a C-N bond. In this bond, which of the following best describes the charge on the nitrogen atom? 

5. Provide the common name of the compound ( see attachment for picture of compound)

6. What orbitals overlap to create the C-H bond in ethene. (H2C) triple bond (CH2)? 

7. When a small amount of hexanoic acid [CH3(CH2)4CO2H, pka ~4.8], is added to a separatory funnel which contains the organic solvent diethyl ether and water with a pH of 12.0, it is found (after mixing and settling) mainly in the ______ phase as _________. 

15. Name the compound. 

17. Which of the following is a diisopropyl ether? 

21. Which of the following is the staggered conformation for rotation about the C1-C2 bond in the following structure? 

26. Draw the appropriate structure of N-ethyl-5-methyl-3-hexamine.

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