Assignment 2 LASA 1 IQ Testing

Take a practice IQ test (although not a valid or reliable measure ofyour intelligence) and read the sample report generated. Notice theadjusted score and where your score falls on the bell curve, the rangeand percentile score as well as the descriptor. Be sure to convert yourscores to the Catell and Stanford Binet scales and notice if there areany differences. Use the link to the IQ Testing Lab

Please note thatshould the practice IQ test be not available simply use the sample IQresults for this assignment. Click on the “Check out the sample report” hyperlink!

Prepare a brief overview (1 page in length; you may putthis in a table or paragraph form) of your results, the conversions,and any differences that occur. Then respond in a 3-5 page, APAformatted paper to the following:

  • In your opinion, was this a fair measurement ofyour intelligence? Why or why not? Support your answer with what youhave learned about IQ tests.
  • Discuss possible limitations with interpretation ofyour results within the context of what you have learned aboutpsychometric test properties. How would you explain the reliability andvalidity of this test to someone who has not taken this course?
  • Explain whether you felt this test minimized cultural bias, based on what you have learned so far.
  • What ethical limitations might prevent the use ofthis type of test in major decision-making (e.g., entrance to college,identifying disabilities, etc.)?
  • Analyze the possible influence of the format of thetest (e.g., computer versus manipulatives or paper, timed versusuntimed, standardization, multiple choice, etc.) on your results, basedon what you have learned about various testing instruments so far.

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