Australia And New Zealand Doing Business With Indonesia Business And Finance Homework Help

Australia and New Zealand: Doing Business with Indonesia . Remember your roles!!! Your write-ups need to reflect your role. If you forget your role, please ask your class manager. During your discussion, you can stay “in role” initially and then move toward sharing insights. SINGLE POSTINGS WITH NO DIALOGUE IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. THERE NEEDS TO BE DIALOG TO CREATE MORE MEANINGFUL INSIGHTS FROM THE CASE. PLEASE DO RESEARCH TO BACK UP YOUR THOUGHTS, DO NOT ‘SHOOT FROM THE HIP!”



1. Using this case and the cultural dimensions explored in this chapter, discuss some of the ways in which citizens of Australia and New Zealand are members of cultures very different from any other in Asia.
Question 2
In what respects is the Indonesian archipelago unique in Asia?
Question 3
What characteristics of Indonesian workplaces are referred to in this profile?
Question 5
What are some business opportunities in Indonesia for foreign direct investment?

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