Biz Caf Simulation Management Homework Help

Biz Café is abusiness simulation which gives you real world business management experienceby setting up a coffee shop near a college campus, and making a variety ofweekly business decisions, and evaluating how the decisions worked out.

You will need to go to and log in with this information.

User ID = asta22095103
Password = EarlySong5

Do the simulation for the ten rounds and then write a paper 5-7 pages include:

· An introductoryparagraph stating the purpose of the paper and an outline of what you willbe covering

· A brief backgroundand summary of the Biz Café case

· An analysis ofeach of the decisions for each of the rounds, stating what decisions you made in each decision category and why you made them, including how youhandled the incidents that came upfor each of the live rounds and any newsthat was reported, and how you handled it. Include for each round the results that you got and why you think you got them. Resultsshould include all metrics (customer satisfaction, net income, cups sold, cash,balance sheet, etc.) Also state what you might do differently the next round toimprove on your results and why. Make sure that you include complete resultsfor each round and discuss what each one means. Do this same analysis for each of the tenrounds (10) rounds.

· A summary ofthe overall results at the end of the simulation; why you got them; andwhat you might have done differentlyif you could start over with the simulation. What mistakes did you make and howcould you have made better decisions. What did you learn as you went throughthe simulation about you decisions and how you made them?

· What did you learned about managing abusiness as a result of doing the simulation? What are some of the thingsthat you would do differently if it was a real business and you were the ownerand spending your own money?

· A closingparagraph that summarizes the key points of the paper.

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