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You have to have the book Think: Social Problems by John D. Carl and read chapter 4 Gender because teacher required 3 quotations in MLA format in essay from the reading!

Flex Your Head papers should be 2.5 – 3 pages long, double-spaced. Make sure you follow the required writing guidelines in the syllabus. If you are given prompts for a particular paper, they are not to be answered one-by-one, but meant to be woven into a solid, thoughtful, college-level essay.

Make sure you use at least three quotes from the readings as you write your reflection. I should see a critical engagement here.

Always follow the writing guidelines, to the letter. Be sure to cite within the body of your assignment, but also in a works cited area at the end.

Requirement (MLA citation)

We often learn about people outside of our own cultural experience (sexuality, race, religion, social class, etc.) by way of mass media. For example, imagine if you did not know anyone at all from your own race and all of a sudden came across a large group of people from this race (if you’re Black, it could be a huge group of Korean people, if you’re Korean, it could be a large group of White people, etc.), imagine the culture shock you would experience. You might feel fear as well as curiosity; you might socially blunder on accident as well.  This is true for race and ethnicity, class, sexuality, and especially for what is learned about masculinity and femininity. 

Think about your own sense of who you are in terms of gender/sexuality as well as race/ethnicity. Does who you are help shape the ways in which you think you understand how others are?

Before writing your assignment, note down what assumptions you have about your gender and racial opposites. What have you learned about people different from you in terms of sexuality, gender, and race? Then, when you’re done completing the reading, the power point, and the film screening, reflect on your notes about your sense of Self and others. Was anything new revealed to you?

In this paper, discuss the social problems inherent in the material you’ve reviewed. Reflect on your own personal experience to write a critically analytical essay on the social problems presented to you in this material and about assumptions we tend to make about others. What did you learn? What made you tick? Did anything upset you? There’s a lot we’re covering this week, so if you want to focus on just one aspect of the material, feel free to.

Remember to not use this as a forum for soapboxing. This is a college-level essay and not an opinion piece! 

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