Brain And Consciousness Forum Psychology Homework Help

Please address the following in at least 700 words (total, not per section):

Part I: Brain Diseases and Disorders

  1. Visit the web page (Links to an external site.). Select a brain-related (or nervous system)  disorder and read about it.  Each disorder will also give you a link to other organizations devoted to this disorder; click around one or two of these sites as well and learn about the disorder/disease you selected.  Tell us IN YOUR OWN WORDS what the disorder is, what causes it, what treatments exist, and research being done.  You should also include any other information that would be important and informative about this disorder (ie, statistics.)

Part II: Drugs and the Brain

  1. Select a drug that was discussed in MODULE 8 except methamphetamine (or some other legal or illegal drug) then do some internet research about it.  (See list of possible web sites below) Address each of these points:
    • What are some effects this drug has on the user’s body and behavior?
    •  What is 1 neurotransmitter the drug affects and what is this neurotransmitter  generally responsible for?  How does the drug affect this neurotransmitter –  does it increase or decrease the amount of it? 
    • What is  1 specific brain part (for example, cerebellum, amygdala, hypothalaums, etc…)  that is impacted by this drug; explain what the drug does to this brain part and the resulting behavior.
    • What is the addictive potential for this drug; in other words, will users likely experience addiction and how strongly will it be?  Will a user experience tolerance to the drug and withdraw if they stop; if so, what will withdraw look like? 

2.  Explain the biological basis for addiction, using the Heads Up articles, your textbook, and the PowerPoint. You can also use other web sites or resources.   In your answer, be sure you thoroughly talk about what is happening in the brain that drives addiction as well as the genetic connection to addiction.   Be sure in your answers your reference your source (either the articles, the textbook, the video, the PowerPoint or other sources) – you must use at least 2 of these 3 sources in your answer.  After each statement, indicate your source. 

Part III: Sleep

  1. Explain, in your own words, 3 different ideas or concepts that you learned that you found most interesting from MODULE 6.  Give us a summary of each of the ideas you selected and why it was interesting to you.  Each idea should be different and unique from the other; it’s best if you select ideas from different parts of the textbook. 
  2. Explain how this module was personally meaningful or relevant to your life; what did you learn about your sleep or dreams? Anything you might change having read about sleep? 

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