Branching paths: Emergency Management

Research a recent mass casualty event. Provide links to articles related to the event.

Analyze and evaluate the event in relation to Mass Casualty Incident Management.

– How would you have organized the event (ICS Chart), what resources do you feel should be summoned to the event, and how long would it take to assemble these resources in your area?

– What plans are in place and how confident are you in the plans success to handle this type of event in your community?

Branching paths: Emergency Management

On 13th July 2021 fire erupted at a COVID 19 ward in Iraq and caused the death of 92 people. In this scenario, my ICS chart would comprise of a chief commander at the top level. The main role of the Chief Commander is to design and initiate the rescue operations. In the second tier level, the ICS chart consists of the Safety Officer. According to the Incident Command System guidelines, the safety officer should provide joint information to all junior and senior staff across the communication channel.  Furthermore, the safety officer is in charge of planning and managing resource teams on-site to initiate action using the available resources. During the fire incident in Iraq, the safety officer would have been able to retain the hospital’s staff to attend to the injuries, burns as quickly as possible (AP News, 2021). Thirdly this chart comprises of a PR assistant whose main role is delivery of all the resources needed while abiding by the budget allocated. The PR assistant has the power to contact the Ministry of Health to reinforce the hospital staff by providing equipment and backup to salvage the situation.

Immediately the fire erupted, the fire brigade should be summoned to the scene. Secondly, the Ministry of Health should dispense medications, foodstuffs, and medical equipment needed to offer relief to the survivors (JEMS, 2021). According to the ICS chart guidelines, a team should assemble all these resources within 1hour.

My first plan of action is to brief all the resource teams about the incident and assign roles. Secondly, I will alert the authorities to disburse all resources required to provide relief to the survivors. These plans will facilitate the success of the rescue efforts as they are based on extensive research to understand the critical stages in the event of a fire incident.


AP News. (2021, July 13). Death toll rises to 92 in blaze at coronavirus ward in Iraq. AP NEWS:

JEMS. (2021, July 13). 92 Dead in Fire at Iraqi Coronavirus Ward. JEMS.



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