BUS Integrated Communication

Great discussions!

Please review the presentation weblinks and video.

1. What did you learn?

2. What is your most favorite presentation that you have presented?

3. If you have not made a presentation, what would it be.












What did you learn?

In a presentation, the introduction is as critical as the ending. So, start with a bang by telling them an interesting personal story, fascinating fact, mind-blogging question, or unusual stunt they would otherwise not expect. When presenting, take into consideration your background to avoid distracting the audience, stand up in an upright position. Also take time to rehearse your presentation. Next, make a point of dressing professionally. In addition, have access to your supporting material for easy reference. Lastly incorporate visuals, videos in your presentations to make your presentation memorable.

  1. What is your most favorite presentation that you have presented?

When I was in high school, I made a presentation on how to build a good relationship between children and pets. This is my favorite speech because I did live presentations with my cat and visuals, which I had recorded earlier. Bringing my cat on stage grabbed the audience’s attention and left a long-lasting impression of variety throughout the presentation. To date, my friends still talk about my impeccable performance.

  1. If you have not made a presentation, what would it be.

If I had never done a presentation, my first presentation would be on banning animal experimentation. I will start the presentation with a story, fascinating facts, thought provoking question, about animal experimentation. Using existing data, statistics I will inform the audience about the adverse effects of animal testing. In a coherent, logical, and clear structure, I will compile infographics, videos, and graphs to paint a clear picture of the menace.  I will frame my ideas in a compelling story with a start, climax, and end to ensure, logical flow and display of ideas. The presentation will contain simple terms, abbreviations to ensure the audience relates to the evidence.  At the end of the presentation, I will invite the audience to ask questions, offer insights to make them feel like part of the presentation.

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