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InModule 1, you completed an Airline Data Assignment. For this activity, collectthe same data for a different U.S. carrier, clean the data, and calculate thefollowing items:






◦Minimumand maximum

Forboth airlines, (recall you already collected data on one airline in Module 1and an additional airline as part of this assignment), construct 95 percentconfidence intervals (alpha would equal what in this case?) for monthly loadfactors, monthly revenue passenger miles, and monthly available seat miles (Domestic flights only). There is afunction in Excel that will calculate the confidence interval that needs to beadded and subtracted from the mean to determine the 95 percent confidenceinterval. Develop the appropriate null and alternate hypotheses and test if themonthly load factors, monthly revenue passenger miles, and monthly availableseat miles are not equal for the two airlines (use alpha of 0.05). In addition,using the results from module 1 where you calculated the summary statistics forthe items listed, test if the mean for each airline is not equal to the meanfor the industry for monthly load factors, monthly revenue passenger miles, andmonthly available seat miles.

Aftercompleting the above items, prepare a brief (one to two page) write-up of theanalysis completed above. Items to include in your write-up include how a givenairline is performing relative to industry and whether the results areconsistent with expectations. For example, would you expect a single airline’savailable seat miles to be equal to the entire industry’s? Your write-up shouldalso include a brief discussion identifying where the data was obtained from.Cite sources and format your document in accordance with the current edition ofthe APA Manual.

Besure to include summary tables of summary statistics and a table summarizingthe test results. Refer to the readings from Module 1 and the APA manual forformatting issues. Turn in two files for this assignment. One should includethe write-up and the other the data and analysis.

Usethe following convention when naming files:Lastname.Firstname.Course.Activity.fileextension.

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