Calculate The Total Money Earned Algebra Homework Help

if you are interested in doing the algebra assignment, please write out equations


Consider thefollowing scenario:

A rookie football player is given a 6-year contract and hecan decide the terms of payment. As his financial advisor, it’s up to you tohelp him make the most profitable decision by choosing Option A, Option B, or Option C.

  1. Showing all work, calculate the total money earned at the endof six years for the following scenarios (4 points each):

a.  Option A: $1,700,000 base salary withan annual increase of $70,000 starting the second year

b.  Option B: $1,700,000 base salary withan annual increase of 2% per year beginning the second year

c.  Option C: $1,500,000 base salary withan annual increase of 9% per year starting with the second year

  1. Which contract would yousuggest the rookie take? WHY (use mathematics and logic to support youranswer)
  2. If the contract were for 8years, would your recommendation change? WHY or why not? (Use mathematicsand logic to support your answer)

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