Case Study Management Factors That Hinder The Growth And The Smooth Running Of The Company Homework Help

Senior Technician, Mike Thompson who often stood in the leadership role was a faithful

employee, yet not at all satisfied with his position or income. Taking into consideration all of

Mike's dealing, answer the following:

 Give an overview of the case study.

 Do you believe Jay was aware of Mike's dissatisfaction? Why/Why not?

 Do you think Jay should sell the company to Mike? Why/Why not?        

Assignment requirements are as follows:

1. Overview of the case study

2. Describe Jay's leadership style

3. Identifying at least one leadership method

4. what leadership style you believe would be most effective, considering the existing team

5. Observation and explanation whether or not Jay was aware of Mike's satisfaction.

6. Explain whether or not Jay should sell to Mike Why/Why not

7. The paper should include at least 2 peer-reviewed sources

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