Celebrity Couple Public Relation Practices Help

You should find case written online

During the introductory class in which we looked at a number of peopleand companies and their PR activities, one slide showed “celebrity couple” RoxyJacenko and Oliver Curtis.  Roxy owns herown PR agency and has also become a celebrity in her own right.  Oliver is currently in Parklea Prison. 

Your task is to use your text and any other relevant sources to create 6to 10 “best practices in PR” against which you can judge and evaluate RoxyJacenko’s career as both a publicist and as a prominent Australian celebrity inher own right.  Against these practices,describe what Roxy has done well and what decisions now look poor.  What is your overall evaluation afterundertaking this analysis.

I am giving you resources, so the only thing you need is to write well.

Find the case online. I only need 1250 words. Use Harvard with 10 references.

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