Children Obesity Eating Habits Project Part 3

My project is about Children obesity: Eating Habitshave to write about it.

  1. Your justification for selecting a Quantitative research approach.   Discusses which quantitative design method will be used and why it is suitable. If you have selected one of the descriptive research designs discussed in chapter 6, you need to justify your selection, answer four questions related to your data including the methods of collecting them and the sampling technique to be used. If your research problem involves a cause and effect relationship, you need to identify what experimental research design to be used to study the relation.
  2. For each subproblem: the data needed, the means for obtaining the data and the sampling procedure to be used.
  3. Data collection strategies.

And also 

Data and the treatment of the data

  1. The data needed and the means for obtaining the data

  2. The research methodology

  3. The specific treatment of the data for each subproblem

    1. Subproblem 1 ( Television ads of food and beverages.)

      1. The data needed to address the subproblem

      2. The treatment of the data

    2. Subproblem 2 (Food choices and macronutrients)

    3. Additional subproblems are discussed in the same manner.(

      Childhood obesity potential causes)

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