Choose 2 Individuals From The Time Frame Of This Course 1870 S To 1960 S Discussion Help

8-10 pages long.

Choose 2 individuals from the time frame of this course (1870’s to 1960’s) discuss the details of the lives, contributions and significance of those two individuals. 

Here are a few examples of what you could come up with….

– Henry Ford and Jane Addams :The Industrial Age: Cultural/Intellectual

– JFK and Lyndon Johnson: The 1950’s and Cold War Era in America:

Choose one of the three following historical eras: 

(1) The Industrial Age – Post Civil War (1870’s)  to early 1900’s

(2) The 1920’s – 1940’s

(3) The 1950’s and 1960’s (Cold War Era)

Then choose one of the following two themes:

(1) Political/economic, which may also include issues related to legal development and trade

(2) Cultural/intellectual, which may also include issues related to religion and the arts

*Note: The bulk of your paper should focus on an analysis of your two chosen historical figures. You should not devote a large percentage of your paper to providing background historical context (that has already been accomplished through your other assignments and discussions). For example, if you choose two figures from the 1920’s, you should not provide an extensive general history of that era. While that would be appropriate for a longer research paper, that is not the purpose of this assignment.

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