Cisco Networking Configuration Project Engineering Homework Help

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Scenario:Youhave been recently hired as a network administrator for the xAcmeTechnology Trade School. The company is realizing that the local systemsadministrators need help implementing certain technologies at each ofthe remote locations, as well as final WAN configurations. Out of thenetwork administrators on staff, you have been asked to move forward theproject. With your background and skills, you will design, implement,and assist in configurations to support xAcme’s topology. Technologiesto implement will differ from site to site, as administrators have beguntopology implementations. You will be provided the overall topology aswell as certain device configurations in order to determine the bestcourse of action per site/challenge. In addition to helping themconfigure their network, they require that all new networkadministrators obtain their CCNA Certification within 60 days of beinghired. You are excited about starting this project but realize creating aschedule to help balance your work and home life will be key tosuccess. 

Cisco Networking—WAN Implementation with SOHOConfiguration(Parts 1-3)Overview-Along with the challenges presented in this document, you will beprovided an overall site topology to work from, as well as specificdevice configurations (where applicable) to make your recommendations.Suggested solutions should be comprehensive and justified in approach.Configurations of technologies should be written out to help guide thesystems administrators with implementation. In some cases, you may findit necessary to implement additional cabling, which can be done byadding to the supplied topology. Any adjustments to the sites’ topologythat you find necessary should be documented and supplied with yoursubmission.Your document will be divided up by site and solutions per site. Eacharea is unique in requirements but collectively will demonstrate yourunderstanding of network routing and switching technologies. Eachscenario will provide you with suggested sections within TestOut(LabSim) to use as a guide in your analysis and recommendations.You can use this template as a guide on how to format your project. Besure to cite your external sources using the IEEE citation style. Tolearn how you will be assessed on this assignment, please take a momentto review the rubric.

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