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Based on course material, videos and lessons, analyze if the United Statesis prepared for a chemical weapons attack? biological weapon attack?radiological weapon attack? nuclear weapon attack? Why or why not?

Civil Defense: The War At Home, by Norte, Ruben (A&E TelevisionNetworks), 41:56 mins
Copyright Message: Copyright © 2011. Used by permission of A&ETelevision.  For the transcript, please click here.

Confronting an Uncertain Threat. Center for Strategic & InternationalStudies (Sept 2011)
Combating Terrorism: U.S. Government Should Improve Its Reporting on TerroristSafe Havens Government Accounting Office (June 2011)


Based on course readings from this week, assess the threat of a nuclearattack; analyze the means by which terrorists could acquire nuclear weapons ornuclear material; and hypothesize if a radiological (“dirty bomb”) or nuclearattack would be more likely to be facilitated by a terrorist organization. Whyor why not?



Often radiological bombs (referred to as”dirty bombs”) are better described as “weapon of massdisruption,” as the radiological exposure effects to any individual not inthe immediate area of the detonation is limited.  In fact, the explosionitself eclipses the radiological effects for those in the direct vicinity ofthe incident.  From your perspective, based on course material, assesswhat particular radiological material pose the most significant threat to theUnited States; hypothesize the means by which terrorists could acquireradiological material to use in a nefarious manner; and hypothesize whateffects on the general public would be (i.e. psychological, physiological,etc.) in the event of a dirty bomb incident?

Video: A Deterrent Weapon, by Gottschau, Jakob, directed by Gottschau, Jakob(Filmakers Library, 2008), 38:33 mins
Copyright Message: Copyright © 2008. Used by permission of Filmakers Library.All rights reserved. For the transcript, please click here.

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