Civil Rights 2 To 3 Pages Political Science Homework Help

Step 1

Search the Internet and choose a current issuethat is relevant to Civil Rights.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper of your insights:

· Whatcivil rights issues are related to the topic you have selected?

· Whatmilestones are important in the historical evolution of civil rights in areasrelated to your topic?

· Arethere specific groups that still see inequality relative to your topic?Explain.

Step 2

Be sure the current event that you choosefollows these guidelines:

· The publication dateof the article must be no earlier than 4 months before the start of thesession.

· News articles must be fromreputable news sources, with links to the original article(s) provided.

· Some suggestedsources:

o  The Economist:

o  NY Times:

o  The Wall Street Journal:

o  National Public Radio:

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