Class Discussion 3

Here is the first question on the Discussion page. Be sure to selectthe Discussion page to the left under Week 1 and respond to thefollowing question:

(1a) According to Meadows, the media has the ability to reachpeople all over the world through television, newspapers, movies, etc.Some theorists claim that media has the ability to influence people to agreat degree; however, some theorists dispute this information andstate that the media does not make an impact on the public. For thisweek’s class discussion, please review the study guide in your onlinecourse. It will give you a brief summation of the material for thislesson. This is not a comprehensive list of the information, so you willstill need to read the textbook.

For this week’s class discussion, please respond to the following question:

    • Explain how the media does or does not influence a person’s fear of crime and victimization.

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