classification of smartphones

Classification is defined as “the gouping of items into categories according to some consistent principle.” Write a five paragraph, 500 word essay, organizing the grouping of items into three distinct categories, giving you the three topics of body paragraphs. Make sure that your topic is appropriate for Classification/Division.
You might consider the following outline:
– Identify a specific topic (cars is too broad, so perhaps SUVs).
– Identify three categories (luxury, sport, economy) these will be the three points of development from the thesis and correspond to the three body paragraphs.
– Identify three specific examples for each category, giving you a total of 9 examples for the essay. If you don’t have three examples in each category, totaling nine, you are writing a compare/contrast analysis.
Please do not use the above topic for your assignment.
Please stay away from any classifications of types of people. For example, it would not be effective to state, “there are many types of high school students, such as the jocks, geeks, and preps.” People are too diverse to be classified, so consider focusing on related objects. Also, it’s best to be specific. As in the above example, cars might be too broad, but classifying SUVs into categories, such as sport, luxury, and economy, might be appropriate. After establishing three categories, make sure you have three examples of each.





Classification of Smartphones

Classification is a complex phenomenon that plays a crucial role in the normal functioning society. Compiling things/ objects with similar traits together orchestrates order in our day-to-day lives. This essay provides an in-depth analysis of three broad categories of smartphones available in the market.

Smartphones are the world’s most famous personal devices. In recent times smartphones have become a part of our daily life. They serve as a source of entertainment and communication. Smartphones have simple well-integrated akin to computer devices. They are small in size, light, and easily portable. Smartphones make it relatively easy to send and receive information via text messages, voice messages and offer a wide range of other communication channels while running applications and enjoying media. In general, a smartphone increases an individual’s efficiency and productivity as it makes life and work more convenient, connects with family and friends, and enhances business operations. With the advent of the internet and the drastic rise in social media platforms, smartphones have become a staple product for many people across the world.

Consequently this has led to the increased production of phones to meet the demand. This has created an opportunity for manufacturers to produce various products to cater to the ever-changing customer preferences. As a result, the iPhone, the windows phone, and Android phones were invented and launched.

IPhone is a highly ranked brand in the world. It is a powerful personal device designed for performance and functionality. IPhone is a purpose-built phone with speed, agility, and high power function keypad that enhances user experience. IPhone runs on Apple operating system and contains unique features such as Safari, Siri, and Facetime. It also allows users to customize a personal assistant feature. One of the iPhone’s unique features is the mute switch, back to the top of a page feature, flash, airdrop, and iPhone SE that enhance flexibility, thus improving customer experience. The standard size ranges between 4.7inch to 6. Inches and boasts a sleek display with a multipurpose home button.  The device comes with a scratch-resistant ceramic glass that provided a protective barrier to avoid damages. This brand has a wide range of phones. Some of these brands include the iPhone, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs (Cornelius).

On the other hand, Windows phones are a subsidiary of the Microsoft computer operating system. These phones incorporate OneDrive from Microsoft Word, Outlook, Bing, and Xbox at the core of its operating system. This phone also has Live Tiles as a central feature of Windows 8 for computers, which keeps you up to date with the current events. The phone collects real-time data on news, weather updates, and your favorite shows. Some of the windows phones include Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia 1020, and Nokia Lumia Icon.

Android phones are also from the same family of smartphones. These phones are a product of Google and run on Android operating systems. Android phones’ features include Gmail, Google search, and Google drive. However, android phones can fully work without a Gmail account, but it’s recommended for best results. Some Android best sellers include; HTC, Tecno m Samsung Galaxy S5, Huawei and Nexus 6, etc. Android phones are compatible with many apps on the internet, and it is increasingly easy to purchase free movies, shows, and apps.

With the continuous advancements in smartphone technology it is of paramount importance to classify smartphones to guide customers according to their preferences.

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