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I believe that a couple should cohabitate beforemarriage. Cohabitating before being married gives the couple a chance to reallyget to know each other and their ways of living. I always said one does not knoweach other until they live together. This is where you can see each others likesand dislikes. You may not know what your getting yourself into something thatyou enjoy can bother your mate to the point they do not want to be with you.Even tho in the book it says “those who cohabit prior to marriage are mostlikely to see their marriages end in divorce” (Schaefer, 2015). I highlydisagree with that I believe it will make the marriage stand longer because youralready familiar with your spouse habits and you will less likely get angrybecause you have found a way to cope with it. I am not married yet but I havelived with an significant other before and I am glad that I got to live with himbefore deciding to get married because his living style and my living stylewould have clashed so divorce would have been in our future. 

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I believe living with your partner before marrying is such a great idea and Ibelieve every couple should do it. Living with someone that you are supposed tospend the rest of your life with is a good test to see if it will really workbefore the couple commits to the long haul. You find out a lot more aboutsomeone by the way they live than just dating them. You can see what makes themtick, their good and bad habits, cleanliness, how they keep a home etc and thoseare important things in a marriage because you don’t want to marry someone whohas bad habits or is a complete slob. That will just cause more tension for onepartner and will most likely end in arguments and possibly even divorce. If youlive with someone before you commit then you will know all these thingsbeforehand and will ultimately be able to decide if you can live with thatperson and actually marry them. Once a couple lives together there are fargreater chances of them becoming married because it drives them to move to thenext step, marriage. ( DiDonato, 2014).

I don’t really see anything wrong with living with your partner beforemarriage and I strongly encourage it, some may disagree but I feel like if mypartner was a complete slob then I wouldn’t be able to marry him because I amnot picking up after someone for the rest of my life

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