college application for Columbia University

A hallmark of the Columbia experience is being able to learn and live in a community with a wide range of perspectives. How do you or would you learn from and contribute to diverse, collaborative communities? (200 words or fewer


Columbia University and I share a common goal. The University offers immense possibilities and opportunities to learn from the financial gurus spearheading the matters that I am most passionate about. This motivated me to pursue my Summer Program in Business, Finance, and Economics at the University to set a firm foundation to establish my career in Asset & Investment Management. Since then, I have explored each horizon of this field without limitations.

During my freshman year at Columbia University, I was exposed to the complexities and implications of History in a class aptly named World History and Introduction to Seminar. So I was drawn to these topics that I pursued AP United States History, AP Seminar as my major chemistry honors, and English honors in my sophomore year. Learning the complex dynamics of World History forced me to think and advance to AP United States History 2, AP Research, AP Language and Composition, and Microeconomics. My final year at Columbia will focus on AP Government/Politics, AP Macroeconomics, AP Literature, and Composition allowing me to synthesize my elective interest in Institutional Finance before performing an externship in business and marketing. Thus vindicated by my interest and passion, I would tremendously value studying at Columbia University.

In addition to my academic interest, I have been an active member of the National Society of High School Scholars, Business Academy, Debate, and Service club. I am also a firm believer in the value of interacting through physical sports. Participating in basketball, track, and football on campus made me realize that a successful academic life involves prioritizing mental and physical health. This study program offers a diverse range of sports. Therefore the University of Columbia is not only the perfect place for me; it is easily the only place for me.

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