College Writing And Citical Anlysis Your Younger Brother Sister Relative Or Neighborhood Friend Can T Wait To Be Your Age Homework Help

For this assignment you will be writing an narration paper.  Your topicwill be one of the three topics on the handout I gave out in class (acopy of the handout is attached to this assignment).  The essay will be2-5 pages in length, depending on which topic you choose.  It must betyped, double spaced, with an easy to read font, using 12 point type

Directions:Choose 1 of the following 3 topics and write a complete essay, on a separatepiece of paper, using Narration as your main pattern of development.  Be sure that it is a complete essay. 

1. Your younger brother,sister, relative, or neighborhood friend can’t wait to be your age.  Write an essay in which you narrate adramatic story that shows the young person that your age isn’t as wonderful ashe or she thinks.  Be sure to select astory that the person can understand and appreciate.

2. As fund-raiserfor a particular organization (for example, the Red Cross, SPCA, BigBrothers/Big Sisters), you are sending a newsletter to contributors.  Support your cause by telling a story of atime when your organization made all the difference – the blood donation thatsaved a life, the animal that was rescued from abuse, and so on.

3. A customer haswritten a letter to you (or your boss) telling about a bad experience that heor she had with someone in your workplace. On the basis of that single experience, the customer now regards yourcompany and its employees with great suspicion. It is your responsibility to respond to this complaint.  Write a letter (in the form of an essay) tothe customer balancing his or her negative picture by narrating a story thatshows the “flip side” of your company and its employees.

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