Company Description And SWOT Analysis Marketing Homework Help

1. Create a Non Alcoholic Beverage company name andexplain its significance.

2. Develop your revised company’s Mission Statementand provide a rationale for its components.

3. Describe the trends in the non-alcoholicbeverage industry, especially the specific type of beverage category you havechosen. Justify at least three (3) reasons why you have chosen this type ofnon-alcoholic beverage.

4. Choose one (1) strategic position,  that you believe is the best strategicposition for your company. Explain the approach you will use to implement thisstrategic position in order to distinguish your beverage from othernon-alcoholic beverages.

5. Provide an overview of your company’sdistribution channels. Explain the manner in which your product will reach endusers. Provide a rationale for your chosen method.

6. Outline at least three (3) types of risks(including any regulatory risks) that your business faces. Describe yourcompany’s plan to mitigate such risk.

7. Develop a SWOT analysis for your NAB company 

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