Complete A TOWS Matrix And Portfolio Analysis Health And Medicine Homework Help


The organization that I am using for this assignment is Vidant Health/Medical Center located in Greenville, NC.

For this assignment, you willcomplete a TOWS matrix and portfolio analysis, and use any other appropriateanalysis tools, to determine alternative strategies for your health careorganization’s future success. Include the following elements:

  1. Incorporate the use of new methodologies from theknowledge-economy management approach that might be appropriate for thisorganization.
  2. Correlate recent research findings regarding strategymanagement into your approach.
  3. Synthesize operational and financial components in yourstrategic planning process.
  4. Incorporate your findings from your current environmentanalysis.
  5. Preface your newly revised strategic plan with the coreassumptions regarding environmental opportunities and threats,organizational strengths and weaknesses, and organizational behaviordynamics that are foundational to the strategy.
  6. Determine the organizational structure that bestfacilitates the strategy—functional, divisional, or matrix.
  7. Include a brief description of the proposed strategythat reflects the choices made regarding:
  • Product domain.
  • Market domain.
  • Level of investment in the respective product andmarket domains.
  • Positioning approach for achieving competitiveadvantage.
  • Maneuvers that will be used to implement thepositioning approach.
  • Distinctive competencies or assets that will be reliedon to gain and sustain competitive advantage.


  • Length of paper: 3–5double-spaced, typed pages.
  • APA formatting:Resources and citations are formatted according to current APA style andformatting.
  • Resources:Use evidence from the literature to support your recommendations.
  • Number of resources:You are required to use a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed research resourcesthroughout your compiled course project.

Below is anattachment of TOWS  Matrix Scoring Guide and also two papers’ that arepart of my course project that could assist you if needed.






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